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There is an Airport in Inhambane with flights from South Africa.
From Kruger National Park into Mozambique border post and up to Inhambane.  

From South Africa follow EN1 till Maputo .Continue on the EN1 in the direction of XAI XAI/BEIRA Take turn off to Inhambane Follow road for 27.5 km turn off at the signboards indicating to Coconut Bay and Guinjata bay and other resorts. (dirt road) Follow the dirt road for 16 km until you reach a a sign Coconut  Bay. Turn left here and travel for a further 2 km until you see the ocean and turn left and at about 200m Coconut Bay Lodge and Cabanas is on your right overlooking the ocean.

Drive routes              

There are two routs to Inhambane One through the Kruger Park into Mozambique's Limpopo National Park  This route is a great adventure and shorter but it's easy to get lost and time wise takes much longer.

The gate at the southern end of Kruger is very easy and has instant visa processing for international tourists .From there it's an easy six hour trip up Mozambique. You will experience true Mozambique .Once you start to see the huge palmed beaches and little vilages of palm leaf houses with grand churches in the middle under massive palms you are getting close to the paradise of Inhambane and the idyllic Manta coast.


To take to Mozambique

Tow rope
Pressure gauge
Tyre infiltrator pump
Can of Tyre weld
Road map
List of low tides for diving

Essentials needed when entering Mozambique:

• valid driver’s license and I.D. book
• Passport and visas (Can get it at the gate and only needed for international tourists)
• Two red road emergency triangles per vehicle
• Vehicle and trailer reg form
• Vehicle 3rd party purchased at Hollard insurance at the border post

• International driver’s license—if you are not a South African
• ZA sticker
• Blue and yellow stickers
• Reflective jackets
• Copies of all vital documents


Mozambique border post formalities:

• report to immigration office with passports and vehicle registration papers in hand
• On the SA side a customs official will give you a gate pass and this is to be taken to the immigration office, fill in your vehicle details or goods export form and then get you passport stamped. Hand in gate pass when driving out of SA.
• On the Mozambique side as you go through the gate you will be handed another gate pass which is needed for immigration/customs.
• Buy 3rd party insurance (compulsory) from Hollard Insurance on Mozambican side.                                   

• Get passport stamped.
• Return is generally quick and there is no cost


For your stay in Mozambique:

• Let tyres down to .8 bar when driving on beach sand.
• You can draw money from any Bim Millenium (bank) ATM at the going rate.
  They accept all debit cards. Don't change money at the border,you will be ripped off.
• You can buy a Moz vodacom cell phone sim card and airtime anywhere. The dialing code for SA is 0027. You can use the card for internet if inserted into a laptop.
• Food and booze - you can buy this from all the stalls along the road at next to nothing.

On the road in Mozambique advice :

 Police normally ask for a driver’s license, 3rd Party insurance that are purchased at the    border. have copies of these documents ready and avoid giving them the original papers.
• be patient, friendly and firm
• It is imperative to keep to the speed limit and to wear your safety belts (front and back) at all
  times. The speed limit on the open road is 100km/h and in towns and villages it is 50 –60km/h.
• Ensure that the two emergency triangles are displayed in a visible place and that the blue and yellow    triangle are stuck to the front and back right hand side of the vehicle.
• Must have two reflector vests in the vehicle (driver’s one must hang over the driver seat) and to be worn in case of breakdowns and accidents.
• If you get a fine don't pay directly to police. Ask them to give you the fine and tell them that you will pay it at the nearest police station.
• Ask for his/her name if he/she is not wearing name badge as it is compulsory for them to wear their name badges.
• Generally police don’t bother tourists if you abide to general road rules.


Some useful words to remember :-

Thank you -           Obrigado
Please -                  Faz Favor
Good morning -     Bon Dia
Good Afternoon -  Boa Tarde
Good Evening -      Boa Noit